it is how you live it

it's not how life is

it is how you look at it

it's not what you see

it is how you do it

it's not what you do

Leef je droom!

On this page I will update you about the film & book of the journey!


My soul has been asking for this adventure for many many years! I always rejected the signs, found many many reasons not to listen to her. But there is no way back, no more excuses, no more reasons not to do it. Even though I can not afford it, my soul tells me ‘trust the universe!’. And so I do, I trust the feeling of go for it!

Life is short on earth, and we, as humans, are so privileged to have the possibilities to make choices, to fulfill our dreams, to grow, to help each other, to inspire each other. To live!

It’s exactly one year ago that I broke my ankle, a moment in my life which taught me to respect and appreciate a healthy vital body even more. To believe in my own healing strenght, no matter what doctors or other people say. I still have pain every day but at the same time I feel an enormous strength to fulfill my dream, to hike the 600 km.

I know it will be tough, but we are ready!

This journey has already started, preparations are in full progress.
But the real journey on foot will start 160 km above the Polar Circle in Swedish Lapland. From there we will hike approximately 20 km a day across the tundra to the south. Taka and I will sleep on different locations every night somewhere in this wilderness, all by our self, in our cosy little tent. We carry the (photography/film)equipment and all our food we need for more than a week, before we are able to pick up our next package of food to continue our trip. There will be 4 pickup spots on the route which I will send a foodpackage to beforehand.



How? Hopefully by your gift! The support gives me the opportunity to fulfill my dream, to write the book that has been waiting to be written, to produce the movie about this adventure. With the book and movie I hope to inspire other people and give mother nature a voice. It will be a book about life, about dreams, about living your full potential, about the whispering of your soul, about choices made from the heart. I would love people to travel with us during this nature experience, nature which we are all part of.

The gifts will be used to purchase the right equipment, for instance an alarmsystem if something happens to us, so we could be rescued from the mountains. And ofcourse to write & publish the book and produce the movie.

in this wide open space...

us, tiny little creatures,



us, hiking through this immense valley

Imagine the silence...

In case you missed the video, watch it here…